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My husband and I are renting a house managed by Northwest Best Homes.There is a deck in the backyard that is original to the house, which was built in 1993, and it is old and full of rotten boards.

We have mentioned the deck to the property manager multiple times, and each time they refuse to address the issue since the owner has said that he will not fix it. Now, we have little kids and expressly rented a house with a yard so that they could play in the yard. If we wanted a house without a yard, we would not have rented one, and would be paying a lot less in rent. The property managers suggestion was to not walk on the deck if we did not feel it was safe, but with little kids, how were we supposed to keep them off of it all the time, especially since they don't listen all the time?

Especially since the deck is level with the grass. So I asked if they would pay for a fence to be put up so that it would keep the kids off, and the property manager said that it was up to us to pay for that since it was up to us to keep our kids safe. People are such *** *** sometimes.

Do not rent or buy from these people since they give little to no *** about their tenants.Why give them more business if they will not treat their existing customers fairly.

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Your issue is with the property owner not the property management company. The management company can not replace a deck without the owners permission. Stop blaming the messager.

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